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Zhenjiang Siemens Low Voltage Division launches the assessment of all staff's digital manufacturing business competence

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Innovation driven, digital empowerment. In order to further test the effectiveness of the company's digital manufacturing on line and improve the execution ability of digital manufacturing, Zhenjiang Siemens Low Voltage Division has recently launched the assessment activity of digital manufacturing business ability for all staff.

This activity is led by the company's Information Department and assisted by the Administration Department. The assessment starts from the key positions of key departments, gradually covers other related departments and personnel, and finally completes the whole staff testing. Specifically through on-site Q&A, on-machine practice and other methods, the proficiency and execution ability of employees in business processes, software operations, process requirements, and other aspects will be assessed and graded to achieve benchmarking and correction of employees' bad operating habits, and to help the company's digital manufacturing capabilities reach a new level.