QLFM-Q Series
Forced Air Cooled Isolated Phase Bus Duct

QLFM-Q series isolated phase bus duct is used as the main transmission circuit connection between th...

Forced Air Cooled Isolated Phase Bus Duct

QLFM-Qseries isolated phase bus duct is used as the main transmission circuitconnection between the generator outgoing line and main transformer to transmitthe electricity safely. This product conforms to the IEEE C37.23, GB/T 8349 andother standards at home and abroad. The forced air cooled isolated bus ductadopts the cooling air to force the conductor and the enclosure cooled, whichcooling air is located in the closed circulation system. When the air of busduct is heated, it will go into the air-water heat exchanger, and then go backto the bus duct through the fan after cooling. The water and air could berecycled. The circulating water of power plant could be used as the cooledwater of heat exchanger to cool the air. 


1.      Adoptthe forced air cooling device and minimize the size of the bus duct to reduce thesite installation workload and save the site space.

2.      Theapplication of one-work-one-standby fan and heat exchanger can ensure thelong-term and reliable operation.

3.      To improvethe product safety performance, the monitoring and alarm module is integratedto show the temperature, humidity, wind pressure and water pressure, other keyoperation parameters.

4.      Adoptingthe simulation calculation to ensure the bus duct can run 120 minutes safelyafter the failure of the forced air cooling device.

5.      Theenclosure protection class can reach IP65 to prevent the human body and outsideparticles from approaching the electrified body to ensure the personal safetyand reliable operation of equipment. 

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