Dry-Type Transformer
10kV Energy Saving Dry-Type Transformer

10kV energy-saving SCB Series Epoxy Resin Casting Dry-Type Transformer, suitable for three-phase, 50...

10kV Energy Saving Dry-Type Transformer


         1 The coil is made of imported H-grade epoxy resin and poured in a vacuum state (1-3 mbar) with a bright and beautiful surface;

  2 High mechanical strength and strong short-circuit resistance; Good moisture resistance, able to operate at 100% humidity;

       3 The iron cores adopt an imported fully automatic cutting and stacking intelligent production line. Compared with traditional manual lamination, the transformer noise is reduced by 5dB and the no-load loss is reduced by 5%;

  4 No preheating treatment is required before operation, and intermittent operation does not require dehumidification treatment;

  5 Small overall size, light weight, no cracking, no moire on the surface, low partial discharge;

  6 High insulation level and good lightning shock resistance;

  7 Maintenance free, strong heat dissipation ability, can operate at 150% of rated load under forced air cooling conditions, and the product has significant energy-saving effect;

       8 Flame retardant, explosion-proof, pollution-free, directly installed in the load center;

       9 The transformer has low no-load loss and significant energy-saving effect.

1 Usage conditions: Indoor installation
2 Modol:SCB12,SCB14,SCB18
3 Capacity:30-5000kVA
4 Rated voltage:HV/LV:10/0.4kV
5 Impedance:4-10%
6 Insulation level: F level, H level
7 Connection group:Dyn11、Yyn0
8 Insulation level:LI75AC35/AC3
9 Executive Standard:GB 20052-2020 Limited values and energy efficiency levels for power transformers
                                      GB/T 1094.11-2022 Power transformers - Part 11: Dry type transformers

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