KFM3X Series
Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

It has the characteristics of small size, high breaking capacity, short flashover, and anti vibratio...

Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

Product Features
1.Compact structure, small size, short flashover, safe and reliable operation;
2.MCCB have functions such as power distribution, motor protection, grounding protection, leakage protection, communication and fault recording;
3.The electronic molded case circuit breaker is equipped with an OLED screen, a low-power LCD screen, and a button wake-up function, making it convenient for users to obtain data more intuitively;
4.The residual current operated circuit breaker can be equipped with A-type and AC-type leakage protection;
5.The thermal magnetic circuit breaker has a breaking capacity level of C, S, and M types, and is suitable for the connection of incoming lines in AC400V distribution systems.

Rated working current range: 10 A~1600 A Divided into 7 shell current: 100 A, 160 A, 250A, 400A, 630A, 800 A, 1600 A Short circuit breaking capacity: AC400V, Icu=100kA Mechanical service life: up to 20000 times for 250 shell frames and below, and up to 10000 times for 400 shell frames and above Electrical service life: up to 8000 times for 250 shell frames and below, and up to 7500 times for 400 shell frames and above (maintenance free) Release: thermal magnetic release, single magnetic release, electronic release

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