Low Voltage Switchgear

SIVACON S8 is the latest achievement of Siemens' over fifty years of experience and innovation in lo...

Low Voltage Switchgear

SIVACON S8 is a new generation LV distribution system that combines efficiency, safety, and innovative design. It is suitable for functional buildings, industrial buildings, and process industries, and can provide continuous and efficient power distribution of up to 7000A. The product meets the execution standards for LV distribution and control equipment such as IEC61439-2 and GB7251-2015. S8 has completed KEMA international certification, and the product has passed the arc test (100kA/0.5s) according to IEC61641 standards, as well as the 8 ° seismic test verification according to GB/T13540 and YD5083 standards. The product performance and key technical indicators have reached the industry's advanced level.
Product advantages
The SIVACON S8 has once again set a new benchmark in the industry with modularity, digital technology, new drawer technology, and the highest level of security.
Product features
1、Miniaturization technology:
The smallest cabinet size of S8 can be 400mm wide and 500mm deep. The installation of a 2000A frame switch only requires a cabinet width of 400mm to achieve the incoming line, busbar, and feeder cabinet solutions. A 600mm wide frame switch can be installed for 3200A, and an 800mm wide frame switch can be installed for 4000A. The S8 low-voltage cabinet can greatly reduce the floor area.
A 600mm wide * 1000mm deep cabinet can simultaneously install three 1600A frame switches, meeting the design requirements of high current.
2、High installation density:
A 2200mm high drawer cabinet can accommodate up to 48 1/4 drawer circuits and 18 full mold drawer circuits.
Double sided cabinet technology, with a cabinet size of 1000mm deep, allows for the installation of drawer circuits on both sides, doubling the number of drawer circuits. The busbar system can be installed on the top or back of the cabinet for easy maintenance by users.
3、Modular technology, each functional unit is a module, and the product is composed of various modules,. The structure of the drawer cabinet is identical to that of the fixed partition cabinet, and customers can configure various installation methods of the circuit according to their needs. The main busbar system and vertical busbar system are both modular structures, which can be connected to the copper bars inside the cabinet without drilling holes.
4、The new drawer technology ensures that the protection level of the drawer is not lost in any position. The gear and rack pushing mechanism saves effort in drawer operation, and the mechanism is arranged on the drawer bottom plate without occupying any space, ensuring the maximum internal space of the drawer and meeting the various component installation needs of customers. The product has achieved high-density installation, and the drawer can be installed with various communication interfaces according to user needs, such as DP, USB, Ethernet interfaces, etc.
5、High safety, the skeleton is assembled from 2.5mm aluminum zinc coated steel plates, with high strength. There are dedicated pressure relief channels and heat dissipation channels inside the cabinet to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the system. The zinc alloy hinge can bear the weight of the door panel to prevent it from sagging. The door lock is an explosion-proof door lock, which can firmly fix the door panel in case of a short circuit fault, avoiding the impact on the surrounding area.

Rated voltage

400V / 690V

Rated insulation voltage


Short time withstand voltage


Impulse withstand voltage


Rated current

Up to 7010A

Internal partition

Type 1 to 4b

IP level

IP30 – IP54

Executive standards


International certification


Internal arcing fault certification

IEC61641 100kA/0.5s

Seismic testing

US General Building/8 Degree Seismic Resistance YD5083/ GB/T13540

Salt spray test

IEC61439 10.22

EMC Testing

GB7251 10.12

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