SIVACON 8PT(Siemens)
Low Voltage Switchgear

A low-voltage switchgear that can meet your various needs.

Low Voltage Switchgear

In industries, buildings, and infrastructure, the operation of various systems relies on safe and reliable electricity supply, and even a brief power outage can have serious consequences. For this, you need products and systems that can handle various unexpected accidents to meet safety requirements.
As a leading global supplier of LV distribution systems, Siemens provides customers with stable, reliable, safe, and intelligent distribution solutions. Whether it's energy security or energy efficiency management, SIVACON 8PT provides you with excellent safety and reliability.

Product advantages
Safe, reliable, and intelligent low-voltage distribution solutions

Product features
More horizontal busbar specification selectivity, more optimized busbar structure design, achieving higher cost-effectiveness.
1/2 functional unit, achieving higher capacity density.
Dedicated secondary connectors for communication.
Unique secondary wiring channel ensures high-quality communication for intelligent solutions.
The patented technology ensures the safety of on-site equipment and personnel through internal arc fault testing, ensuring the safety and reliability of power supply.

Rated voltage

400V / 690V

Rated insulation voltage


Short time withstand voltage


Impulse withstand voltage


Rated current

Up to 7400A

Internal partition

Types 1 to 4b

IP level

IP30 – IP54

Executive standards


Internal arcing fault certification

IEC61641 100kA/0.5s

Seismic testing

A magnitude 8 earthquake on the Richter scale

Salt spray test

IEC61439 10.22

EMC Testing

GB7251 10.12

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