DQN Series
Nitrogen/Dry Air Insulated Ring Main Unit

DQN series nitrogen/dry air insulated RMU is a newly developed nitrogen/dry air insulated and vacuum...

Nitrogen/Dry Air Insulated Ring Main Unit

Technical features:

The HV live parts are all sealed in a stainless steel gas box, and the entire switching device is not affected by the external environment; The equipment operates more safely and reliably, and is maintenance free for life.
Compact structure, small size, and can be installed in spaces with limited space.
The air box is made of 3mm 304 stainless steel plate and processed with the laser cutting and laser welding equipment produced by the world leading German TRUMPF company. It has good air tightness and beautiful appearance.
Adopting the fully automatic helium leak detection and inflation equipment from German SEILER company, the leakage rate of the gas box is ensured to be ≤ 0.01%/year, and the gas purity in the gas box is ensured to reach 99.99%, thus ensuring that the normal service life of the product reaches 40 years.
Modular design allows for the combination of single gas box units or common box units according to different needs.
Mechanical interlocking and electrical interlocking are used together to avoid malfunctions caused by misoperation.
Advanced temperature rise and density monitoring devices, current and voltage monitoring systems, and automation solutions can achieve unmanned and five shaking in substations.
Clean workshop, fully automated assembly line, and factory inspection and testing equipment to ensure product consistency and quality.

Rated voltage


Rated frequency


Rated current


Rated power frequency withstand voltage(1min


Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage 


IP level of gas box


IP level of shell


mechanical life

Circuit breaker 10000 times

Load switch 10000 times

Internal arc rating


Rated working pressure (20 gauge pressure)


Annual leakage rate


Cabinet size (width * depth * height)


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