Steel cable tray series

The surface can be subject to Hot-dip galvanization, electrostatic spraying, pre galvanized plate+co...

The products are divided into: ladder type cable tray, tray type cable tray, and channel type cable tray.

Product features:
Ladder type cable tray: Applied to the laying of power, power, control and other cables. The product has the characteristics of easy installation, good heat dissipation, and breathability, and is widely used in high and low voltage transmission and distribution situations.
Tray type cable tray: Used for the installation of power cables and also for the laying of control cables. The product has the characteristics of light weight, simple structure, convenient installation, and good heat dissipation.
Channel type cable tray: Used for laying control cables in computer cables, communication cables, thermocouple cables, and other highly sensitive systems. The product has good effects on shielding interference of control cables and protecting cables in heavily corrosive environments.

Applicable location: The product is suitable for fields such as nuclear power, metallurgy, petrochemicals, airports, hydropower, government engineering, industrial and mining, commercial buildings, photovoltaic, papermaking, data centers, etc.
Load: 50N/m~3100N/m Surface treatment: Hot-dip galvanization ≥ 65um; Electrostatic spraying ≥ 60um Salt spray test: 240h~1100h Collision energy: 10J Support span: 1500mm, 2000mm, 3000mm, 4000mm (reinforced), 6000mm (reinforced) Installation environment: Indoor corrosive environment: F1, F2 anti-corrosion type; Outdoor corrosive environment: WF1, WF2 anti-corrosion type

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