XL-III Series
Compact Busbar System

XL-III series compact busbar system is part of the XL product series. It is a new generation of inte...

Compact Busbar System

XL-III series compact busbar system has the advantages of compact structure, reliable performance, flexible design, long service life, and simple installation and maintenance. The product has passed 3C, CQC, KEMA, ASTA, UL and other certifications, and meets the requirements of IEC60439, GB7251 and other standards. It adopts a "sandwich" structure, with fast heat dissipation, good dynamic and thermal stability, low impedance, low loss and so on. It has passed the Level 9 seismic test, and has a service life of more than 30 years. XL-III series compact busbar system, as the mainstream product of Zhenjiang Siemens Busbar Trunking Systems Co., Ltd., can be used in various large capacity transmission and distribution systems, and has been widely used in automobile, industrial and mining enterprises, airports, metallurgy, government, high-rise buildings and other fields.

Product advantages
     1. Stable performance, high dynamic and thermal stability, extremely low fire load, and flexible and variable plugging schemes
     2. The product design is compact, with small space requirements, easy to install and maintain, and short debugging time
     3. "Sandwich" busbar structure, low Magnetic susceptibility, low impedance and low loss

Product features
Riveting technology: The introduction of British Henrob self piercing riveting technology ensures continuous and stable riveting quality, and reduces the riveting process cycle
Shell design: 6063F high-strength aluminum magnesium alloy, reducing eddy current effect, toothed structure increases heat dissipation efficiency by 60%, and high mechanical strength
Insulation configuration: DuPont and 3M brand high-performance insulation materials with excellent flame retardancy and compliance with ROHS certification
Insertion device: Adopting a "T" type pin structure, stable, reliable, and strong current carrying capacity
Intelligent power distribution: It can detect all kinds of electrical parameters and environmental parameters, fault early warning and alarm, operation and maintenance reminder, etc. in real time during the operation of busduct, realizing the digitalization and intellectualization of products

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