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Daqo Group Actively Starts International Business Under the Industry Downturns

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A team of Daqo New Energy Co., Ltd. led by the Xu Xiang, president of Daqo Group, attends the exhibition of Inter Solar in Munich, Germany. The report named"A Bright New ChinesePolysilicon Manufacturer: Daqo New Energy Co., Ltd" captures many participants' attention. During the exhibition, Daqo team led by XuXiang, also discusses cooperation issues onsolar energy with many clients and suppliers.

After this exhibition, Daqo team rushes to Prague, the capital of Czech to sign an agreement of the 40MW solar energy modules supplying with SUMEC Group and PVE Czech. Huo Yuzhen, the ambassador of China in Czech, and Fei Yixiang, the commercial counselor of the embassy, are also invited to attend the symposium. They expressed high appreciation to the achievement created by Daqo Group and SUMEC Group in solar energy field. The ambassador Huo Yuzhen expected the two Groups to make further achievements in Czech, and make contribution for the friendship of Czech and China.

The above photo shows the leaders of Daqo Group, SUMEC Group and EFFECTY Group (European Sales Company) on symposium. 

In the front row starting from left:
The 1st person: Yao Gongda, general manager of Daqo New Energy Co., Ltd.
The 2nd person: Fei Yixiang, commercial counselor
The 3rd person: XuXiang, president of Daqo Group
Middle: Huo Yuzhen, ambassador

In the second row starting from right:
The 2nd person: Cai Jibo, CEO of SUMEC Group
The 3rd person: Dr. Zhou Tianqun, Technical Director of Daqo New Energy Co., Ltd.

The 2nd person from right In the last row: Mr. Horacek, president of EFFECTY Group