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DAQO New Energy Corp. Successfully market in the U.S. NYSE

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On October 7, 2010, DAQO New Energy Corp. was successfully accepted on to the New York Stock Exchange. NYSE president of the United States operations , Mr. LEIBOWITZ for DAQO New Energy Corp. in the New York Stock Exchange held a breakfast meeting. Chairman of the Board Xu Guangfu participants, directors Xu Xiang, Shi Dafeng, Zhuo Fumin, Ye Weigang, director & CEO of Yao Gongda, CFO Lai Youming, CTO Zhou Tianqun, head of investor relations Liu Zicong, Ju Yiwei, and Morgan Stanley, Piper Jaffray, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America representatives were all present. Mr. LEIBOWITZ speech listed the major new energy successes, and he was very pleased to see the DAQO New Energy Corp. to be one of the New York Stock Exchange listed companies with the hopes that through the NYSE's new platform there would be large future development of more energy financing opportunities. Xu, chairman of DAQO New Energy Corp. introduced a large three-year project and in a short period has become one of the largest producers of polysilicon and the production of high efficiency and low cost industry leader. The new target is large solar energy products, the manufacturer of the leading providers of raw materials, with a strategic downstream production capacity of its own, and committed to continuing to provide high quality products and high returns to shareholders. After the mutual exchange of gifts, President LEIBOWITZ led the DAQO New Energy Corp. staff to visit the trading floor, and boarded bell sets, at 9:30 sharp, Xu stock market opened the day's trading bell. Then, everyone shared in the Exchange to watch the DAQO trading after opening, the opening few minutes when everyone saw a 10% rise, they were thrilled and excited. Links: live video of DAQO New Energy Corp. Successfully market in the U.S. NYSE