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Feeder Terminal Unit(FTU)Obtain Special Inspection Report

Release Time:2023-03-02Source:Clicks:1329Author:

Recently, the feeder terminal unit (FTU) developed by Nanjing Daqo Automation Technology Co., Ltd. based on the State Grid No. 151 document "Standardized Design Scheme for 12kv Primary and Secondary Fused Pole-mounted Circuit Breakers and Distribution Automation Terminals (FTU) (Version 2021)" has passed the special inspection and test of the China Electric Power Research Institute, and obtained the full qualification report, which has laid a solid foundation for the large-scale application, project implementation and promotion of FTU in the power distribution field of Daqo Group.

As a company that has been focusing on the research and development of core technologies and intelligent manufacturing of products in the field of power distribution, Nanjing Daqo Automation Technology Co., Ltd. will keep improving its products, continue to carry out further research and development and technological innovation around the business direction of the distribution IOT, actively explore the application of emerging technologies, and continue to provide customers with more high-quality products and services.