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Nanjing Daqo Electric’s "Intelligent Transformation and Digital Revolution" has Taken Effect

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"Hail to the New Journey, Come on!" On March 24th, with an inspiring slogan, the 2023 offline ceremony of the 10000th LV switchgear of Nanjing Daqo Electric Co., Ltd. was successfully concluded.

Since 2019, Nanjing Daqo Electric has completely broken the traditional management model and implemented the "intelligent transformation and digital revolution" reform, which has been four years now. Before the transformation, the enterprise mainly adopted the traditional manufacturing mode for production, with a monthly production capacity of less than 2000 units. Today, the monthly production capacity has reached 4000 units, continuing to occupy the leading position in China's electrical industry.

Annual production and output value in 2023 as of March 24

Since the beginning of 2023, Nanjing Daqo Electric has exceeded the production capacity of 10000 units, setting a new historical record. This is due to the selection of the "intelligent transformation and digital rotation" fast lane in 2019, which has enabled it to achieve "three changes" during the four years, driving the enterprise to run out of the "acceleration" of development.

First change: intelligent improvement of quality and efficiency
Change begins with the introduction of automation equipment.
The traditional manufacturing industry mainly relies on a large number of human resources for production. As the demographic dividend gradually subsides, this model has begun to reveal drawbacks: difficult recruitment and rising wage significantly increasing production costs; slow manual operation, uneven quality, and difficult productivity improvement... To solve such production problems, Nanjing Daqo Electric has introduced a large number of advanced automation equipment, integrating intelligent elements into the entire manufacturing process, and improving the intelligence of the industrial foundation.
At Nanjing Daqo Electric, you can see: with a single click of the mouse, you can operate a CNC punch press to achieve automatic loading and unloading of the machine; input design data, and the equipment automatically performs laser processing; by inputting a program, the bending robot can automatically adsorb and bend the plate according to the established program; a 360 degree rotation of the cable robot automatically completes the process of making wires.

Smart robot in production workshop
Since formulating the transformation strategy, Nanjing Daqo Electric has carried out technological improvement and innovation on key processes in the production line, and built an intelligent workshop integrating sheet metal processing integration equipment, fully automatic detection equipment, laser cutting machines, drawer automatic production lines, and other equipment, fully realizing intelligent production, and effectively improving production efficiency.
Upgrading equipment and intelligentizing production lines is the first step for Nanjing Daqo Electric to move towards "intelligent transformation and digital revolution".
Second change: visual risk control
Change begins with controlling plant energy efficiency.
During production, equipment failures and shutdowns require feedback at all levels to be known by management; material delivery requires constant human attention and still causes frequent errors; abnormalities in the production process often require delays to be addressed... In response to problems in traditional production processes, Nanjing Daqo Electric has independently developed a digital twin visual management platform, the factory energy efficiency monitoring platform, based on systems such as ERP, MES, PLM, and combined with technologies such as the Internet of Things, information tracking, and virtual reality.
On the factory energy efficiency monitoring platform, seemingly unquantifiable plant monitoring is transformed into visualized graphics and data. Managers only need to watch a large screen to monitor the entire production process of the workshop in real time, monitor operating equipment, fault alarm, and remote diagnostic analysis, continuously schedule and dynamically optimize workshop operations, achieving automatic early warning and rapid response to abnormal events.

Factory energy efficiency monitoring platform
At the same time, the platform also realizes the visualization of the material distribution process and full quality traceability. In key processes of assembly line production, detection equipment and systems are equipped to intelligently detect defective products, which can be understood in real time through a monitoring platform.
In addition, Nanjing Daqo Electric has introduced an intelligent control system for energy consumption on this platform, which can comprehensively monitor the dynamic monitoring and measurement of energy consumption, achieve optimal scheduling and balanced forecasting of energy, and effectively guide production operations.
Increase speed and efficiency, manage risks, respond quickly, control quality, save energy, and achieve data based management through a large screen. This is the second step in the transformation of Nanjing Daqo Electric: implementing "intelligent transformation and digital revolution" into production management.
Third change: digital cloud management
Change begins with digital management.
In traditional manufacturing enterprises, various departments are often independently distributed and communicate one-on-one offline, rather than achieving real-time online linkage, which often leads to many problems such as department information dislocation and feedback lag. In Nanjing Daqo Electric, we only use a large screen - the intelligent manufacturing monitoring platform - to dynamically link various departments of the enterprise through data in real time, so that we can control the entire process of order generation, production progress, performance tracking, delivery and after-sales in front of the screen, fully realizing cloud management.

Intelligent Manufacturing Management System
On the intelligent manufacturing monitoring platform, the dynamics of various departments of the enterprise are clear at a glance. For example, you can see the order quantity and customer quantity of the sales department in real time, master the progress of each process in the production department, and understand the immediate feedback from after-sales personnel. Through the digital platform, Nanjing Daqo Electric has realized the integration of production management systems and information systems such as planning, procurement, and technology, achieving the integration of data sharing and management processes among various departments of the enterprise.
Efficient operation and production, and digital departmental linkage not only make management more scientific, but also significantly improve the operational efficiency of enterprises. This is the third step in the transformation of Nanjing Daqo Electric: integrating "intelligent transformation and digital revolution" into business management.

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"Jiangsu Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Workshop", "National Specialized New Small Giant Enterprise", "Jiangsu Four-star Cloud Enterprise", "AAA level enterprise integrating informationization and industrialization"... Nanjing Daqo Electric has only been on the road of intelligent transformation and digital revolution for 4 years, but the changes it has produced can be considered earthshaking. The empowerment of digital and intelligent dual engines has given new vitality to the manufacturing industry, enabling Nanjing Daqo Electric to achieve explosive growth, and also showing us the enormous development potential of intelligent transformation and digital revolution.
This is not the end, but only the beginning. In 2023, Nanjing Daqo Electric moved from 0 to 10000 units in less than 3 months, setting a milestone. In the future, Nanjing Daqo Electric will continue to deepen the transformation of intelligence and digital technology, continue to promote the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry, inject intelligence and digital factors from the inside out, enhance endogenous motivation, and write a new chapter of high-quality development for enterprises.