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Entering the Nuclear Power Field - ZJ Klockner-Moeller Obtained a Nuclear Safety Equipment License

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Recently, there was good news from the National Nuclear Safety Administration that Zhenjiang Klockner-Moeller Electric Co., Ltd. has officially obtained a civil nuclear safety equipment design and manufacturing license for its 1E level complete switchgear and control equipment. This license is the highest level license in the domestic distribution industry, and it is the passport for Zhenjiang Klockner-Moeller to enter the nuclear power grade market. It is also a strong reflection of the company's technical capabilities and comprehensive strength.

( Document No.78〔2023〕announced by NNSA )
As an important clean and low-carbon energy, nuclear power is an important foundation for China to promote the development of low carbon cycle and achieve zero carbon emissions. Zhenjiang Klcockner-Moeller actively responded to the national nuclear power development strategy, demonstrated the responsibility of leading enterprises in the industry, grasped the opportunity for the country to start the "carbon peak, carbon neutrality" journey, vigorously promote the development of clean energy, continued to strengthen the technical force, increased R&D investment, and made important achievements in key technologies of civil nuclear safety electrical equipment.

( Internet picture: Ling'ao Nuclear Power Plant )
Zhenjiang Klockner-Moeller started participating in the Guangdong Ling'ao Nuclear Power Phase I project in 1997. The company's products have been widely recognized by the nuclear power general contractor, design units, and owners, and have been successfully applied to multiple projects across the country, including Hongyanhe Nuclear Power, Ningde Nuclear Power, Fangchenggang Nuclear Power, Yangjiang Nuclear Power, Tianwan Nuclear Power, and Xudabao Nuclear Power Shandong Guohe No.1 Demonstration Project and other national key projects provide high-quality complete sets of switchgear and control equipment.

( Zhenjiang Klockner-Moeller Intelligent LV Switchgeat )

( Zhenjiang Klockner-Moeller Intelligent Factory provides guarantee for nuclear grade products )
In 2017, Zhenjiang Klockner-Moeller submitted an application for the design and manufacturing license of 1E level complete switchgear and control equipment to the National Nuclear Safety Administration. The company organized a lean team, carefully planned various work for obtaining 1E level licenses, overcame many challenges such as difficult key technologies and the COVID-19, and under the professional guidance and strong support of China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd, In November 2022, more than 70 tests of 1E level simulation components were successfully completed (among which the most critical 1E level seismic test was passed at the Tongji University testing institution in one go), achieving a phased victory in the evidence collection work. In the first quarter of 2023, Zhenjiang Klockner-Moeller successfully passed the expert review of nuclear safety equipment license; On May 15th, the National Nuclear Safety Administration officially issued the "Notice on Issuing the Design and Manufacturing License for Civil Nuclear Safety Equipment of Zhenjiang Klockner-Moeller Electric Co., Ltd.".

( Aerial view of Zhenjiang Klockner-Moeller )
After years of hard working, Zhenjiang Moeller Electric Co., Ltd., with its determination to innovate and work hard, has promoted the certification process of 1E level complete switchgear and control equipment, and obtained the design and manufacturing license for civil nuclear safety equipment. This has become a key milestone for Zhenjiang Klockner-Moeller to continue empowering China's nuclear grade complete electrical industry, laying a solid foundation for vigorously undertaking nuclear power projects. In the future, Zhenjiang Klockner-Moeller will continue to strictly abide by laws and regulations such as the Nuclear Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, provide high-quality, safe, and reliable products and services for major national nuclear power engineering projects, and continue to safeguard the development of China's nuclear power and power industry.
Note: 1E level complete switchgear and control equipment are mainly used for reactor emergency shutdown, containment isolation, core emergency cooling, and other electrical equipment used to prevent excessive release of radioactive substances into the environment. When electrical equipment fails, it directly affects the nuclear safety of nuclear power plants. Therefore, the reliability and stability of electrical equipment have the highest standards and requirements in the industry. In 2016, the National Nuclear Safety Administration included complete sets of switchgear and control equipment in the scope of regulatory evidence collection. In 2017, it began to conduct full process supervision and inspection of the design, manufacturing, and testing related activities of nuclear safety grade complete sets of switchgear and control equipment.