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Siemens Germany Headquarters Experts Provide On-site Training Guidance

Release Time:2023-06-14Source:Clicks:1202Author:

To empower high-quality and rapid development of enterprises, from June 5th to 8th, Mr. Frank Ulbrich, Global Product Manager of Siemens SIVACON S8 Low Voltage Switchgear, and Mr. Martin Klauss, Quality Director of Siemens Leipzig Low Voltage Cabinet Factory, provided training, guidance, and support to Zhengjiang Siemens Low Voltage Switchgear Business Unit.

Mr. Frank Ulbrich conducted a two-day in-depth training on low-voltage cabinet products for the engineering and sales teams, aiming to enhance the standardization design and high-end market development capabilities of Zhengjiang Siemens S8 products. Mr. Martin Klauss conducted a comprehensive and detailed review and guidance on the standardized design, manufacturing process, and quality control of Zhengjiang Siemens S8 products in accordance with the process requirements of Siemens headquarters, in order to help factories benchmark and identify differences, and further improve the overall quality management level.

The teams participating in the training have benefited greatly from the activities and are more confident in working together to accelerate the high-quality development of Low Voltage Switchgear Business Unit. This event also marks the gathering of signals from Zhengjiang Siemens Low Voltage Switchgear Business Unit, accelerating towards the future.