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Changjiang Electric AIS Carry out Safety Month Series Activities

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According to the spirit of the National Safety Month, Changjiang Electric AIS carry out a series of activities closely around the theme of "everyone values safety, everyone will respond to emergencies", further strengthening the safety awareness of all employees.

Popularize safety knowledge and strengthen safety thinking
1. Post safety billboards and slogans, promote safety production laws, safety tips, precautions for heatstroke prevention and cooling, etc., to firmly establish the concept of "safety first" among employees, and turn standardizing their behavior and emphasizing safety production into conscious activities.
2. Organize employees to learn about "Hazard Identification", "Safety Law", etc., watch accident case education videos, and conduct knowledge consolidation exams.

Implement hidden danger rectification and focus on practical results
1. Adhering to the principle of "genuine attention, genuine inspection, and genuine rectification", the Production Department, Quality Department, and Process Department carry out safety hazard investigation and conscientiously implement the rectification work for the identified hazards.
2. Further strengthen safety production work during the rainy season and prepare for flood prevention and safety in advance.

3. Although the "Safety Production Month" activity is nearing its end, safety production must always be put first.

 Changjiang Electric AIS will continue to put people first, always ensure safety, and ensure safety everywhere. They will strictly follow the requirements of safety production, fully implement the safety responsibility system, and refine management, laying a solid foundation for safety production.