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Daqo Metal Surface Treatment Holds "Fire and Escape Emergency Exercise"

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On June 28th, Zhenjiang Daqo Metal Surface Treatment Co.,Ltd. held the "Fire and Escape Emergency Exercise", which adheres to the principle of "everyone participating in practice and comprehensively improving their abilities". The company's emergency command center and its subordinate publicity and liaison groups, fire protection groups, rescue groups, emergency repair groups, general affairs groups, environmental monitoring groups, warning groups, and accident investigation groups each played their respective roles and cooperated to verify the practical feasibility of the exercise plan. At the same time, we discovered our own shortcomings during the drill and made improvements. In this drill, the company also organized personnel from various departments and some workshop employees to attend and observe.

The exercise subjects mainly include: emergency personnel response, external communication and liaison, emergency material allocation, organizing fire extinguishing, chemical fire leakage disposal, personnel emergency evacuation and escape, basic medical first aid, environmental monitoring, and sewage disposal. Among them, on-site practical demonstrations and explanations were conducted on the use and precautions of fire equipment and various emergency supplies, and retraining and re education were provided on fire safety, emergency escape, and chemical accident handling.

This drill is an effective practice of the theoretical content of the emergency plan, strengthening the emergency responsibilities of personnel in various departments and positions; exercised the emergency command center and its subordinate emergency response teams' collaborative combat ability in handling emergencies. At the same time, the practical effectiveness of the newly formed fire emergency team for Daqo Metal Surface Treatment was tested. The exercise emphasizes participation and practice, and strengthens employees' awareness of disaster and accident handling and safety prevention.
Through the exercise of the contingency plan, employees are firmly established with the safety concept of "everyone emphasizes safety and everyone is capable of emergency response", proficient in the response measures when accidents occur, and thus achieve a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical disposal, making the greatest effort for enterprise safety prevention and the establishment of a safe enterprise.