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Daqo Automation's New Version of SCU Obtained a Special Testing Report

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With its comprehensive technical strength in the field of distribution IoT, Nanjing Daqo Automation Technology Co.,Ltd. has recently successfully passed the dual business special inspection of the Distribution Network Center and Measurement Center of China Electric Power Research Institute for the new version of the Station Area Intelligent Integration Terminal (SCU) with model DQTT-923, and obtained a qualified report for all projects.

The first acquisition of this report has laid a solid foundation for the large-scale application of distribution IoT terminals and the implementation and promotion of related projects by Daqo Group.

Product Overview:
DQTT-923 radio district intelligent fusion terminal is the core equipment of the new generation of distribution station district. It adopts the design concept of hardware platform and software APP, and has edge computing, local autonomous decision-making and other functions to effectively support distribution business, consumption and procurement business, new power system business, etc.
The terminal adopts industrial grade, modular, scalable, and low-power design standards, adapting to complex operating environments, and has high reliability and stability. Mainly used in 400V LV platform areas, generally installed in JP cabinet outdoor box substation and distribution station buildings.
Technical features:
Meet the needs of high-performance concurrency, large capacity storage, multiple collection objects, and on-site differentiation decision-making, with functions such as data collection, equipment operation status monitoring, and electricity metering.
Communicate information with MV distribution terminals, achieve hierarchical control, and achieve unified collaborative management and control of substation intervals, as well as distributed generation, energy storage, and electric vehicle charging facilities
Support artificial intelligence, comprehensive analysis of station building video images, and prediction of electricity demand in the substation area to detect and alarm fireworks, foreign object intrusion, etc; Predict the available capacity of the station area.
Realize business management and collaboration such as power outage maintenance plan, lean management of line loss, and visualization of power supply capacity through business integration and distribution data.
As a company focused on the research and development and implementation of core technologies in the field of distribution IoT, Nanjing Daqo Automation Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on excellence. In the future, the company will continue to carry out more product research and technological innovation in areas such as distribution IoT, actively explore emerging technologies in this field, and continue to provide customers with higher quality products and services.