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Daqo Transformer Heatstroke Prevention and Cooling March

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Summer is scorching and sweat is sweating. Since the beginning of summer, the high temperature weather has continuously tested everyone's morale, especially the frontline employees in the production workshop. They fight against high temperature to ensure production, and everything is done in order to complete production tasks on time, efficiently, and with quality.

The 18 sets of curing furnaces in the pouring section emit heat waves, allowing operators to bathe in a free high-temperature yoga environment every day. In view of this, the leaders of the company deployed effective measures to prevent heatstroke early, equipped with Huoxiang Zhengqi Water, Longhu Dan, Fengyou essence, etc. to refresh and refresh the brain, and provided mung bean soup, syrup of plum, warm tea, etc. to supplement the water needed by the body; Adjust the schedule to avoid working during the hot noon hours, and establish exclusive rest areas to ensure employees have sufficient rest.

In order to reduce the temperature around the curing furnace and alleviate high-temperature pressure, the company has replaced closed windows with sliding windows, and arranges personnel to open the north and south gates of the pouring section of the workshop before work every day to maintain convective ventilation and allow hot air to quickly dissipate; And continuously provide ice cubes for the workshop, equipped with exhaust fans to blow air towards the ice cubes, blowing cold air to various corners of the workshop.
Considering that employees sweat a lot and consume a lot of physical energy, the company also provides afternoon tea and Dim sum for front-line workers every day and night snacks for colleagues on night shift to supplement their physical strength.
After the plum rain, the summer was scorching and the heat was rising, and the cooling measures for Daqo Transformer were still being updated and iterated... The company's goal is to create a relatively cool and comfortable working environment for employees as much as possible, so that they can work with peace of mind and not be troubled by high temperatures.