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Daqo HV Swicthgear Awarded as a National Level Specialized, Refined, Distinctive and Innovative "Little Giant" Enterprise

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Recently, Jiangsu Daqo High Voltage Swicthgear Co.,Ltd. was recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the fifth batch of National Level Specialized, Refined, Distinctive and Innovative "Little Giant" Enterprises.

The National Level Specialized, Refined, Distinctive and Innovative "Little Giant" Enterprise is an outstanding and leading enterprise among the "specialized, refined, distinctive and innovative" small and medium-sized enterprises. It focuses on segmented markets, has strong innovation capabilities, high market share, master key core technologies, and has excellent quality and efficiency. The recognition of National Level Specialized, Refined, Distinctive and Innovative "Little Giant" Enterprise is a high degree of affirmation and full recognition of the company's specialization, refinement, distinction, and innovation capabilities.

Daqo HV Switchgear is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, which has been awarded titles such as Jiangsu Intelligent Circuit Breaker Engineering Technology Research Center, Nanjing Enterprise Technology Center, Evaluation of the Integrated Management System of Informatization and Industrialization, Jiangsu Demonstration Intelligent Workshop, and Jiangsu Specialized, Refined, Distinctive and Innovative Small and Medium sized Enterprise.

In recent years, the company has focused on the modernization of process equipment, inspection instruments, R&D methods, and management models. Relying on intelligent equipment such as stereoscopic warehouses, intelligent AGVs, and automated production lines, from raw material warehousing to finished product outbound, the entire process is coordinated and controlled by SAP, MES, WMS, and WCS systems. Real time data collection, control, analysis, and historical tracing are carried out, resulting in standardized production processes, transparent production processes, and controllable production factors An industry-leading intelligent chemical factory with intelligent manufacturing processes and digital basic management.

The company's leading product, the intelligent vacuum circuit breaker, is an innovative product developed for the national intelligent strategy. It belongs to the basic components and components in the industrial "five basics" field and is suitable for various new energy application scenarios of the national "dual carbon" development. It is widely used in industries such as power plants, power grids, petrochemicals, metallurgy, and urban infrastructure construction.
In the future, Daqo HV Switchgear will continue to take high-quality development as the theme, improve innovation ability and professionalism as the goal, adhere to concept innovation, management innovation, scientific and technological innovation, forge ahead in the switchgear and circuit breaker industry, provide customers with high standard and high-performance products, and play the leading and exemplary role in the industry while achieving high-quality development of enterprises!