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Daqo Transformer has been Awarded the AAA Level Integration of Information and Industrialization Management System Certificate

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On August 4th, Nanjing Daqo Transformer Co., Ltd. was awarded the AAA level evaluation certificate for the integration management system of industrialization and informatization by the China Information Technology Union of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The implementation of the upgraded version of the integration of informatization and industrialization is Daqo Transformer in strict accordance with the requirements of GB/T23001-2017 "Information and Industrialization Integration Management System Requirements" and GB/T23006-2022 "New Capability Grading Requirements for Information and Industrialization Integration Management System". After on-site audit and evaluation, remote compliance review, review, public announcement, and other procedures, Daqo Transformer has conducted multi-dimensional inspections and evaluations on automation equipment, system processes, digital management, and other aspects, the expert review panel unanimously confirmed that it has passed the AAA level evaluation.
The AAA level evaluation certificate for the integrated management system of informatization and industrialization marks that Daqo Transformer's upgraded version of integration management and Digital transformation management has reached a higher level. Daqo Transformer will take the opportunity of "integration of informatization and industrialization", adhere to the strategy of "innovation driven, high-quality development", firmly adhere to the development path of digital transformation and upgrading, deeply plan and implement scientific and technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing, industrial integration and other projects, constantly improve core competitiveness, and fully promote and achieve high-quality development of the company.