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ZJ Siemens Compact Busduct Receives Carbon Footprint Verification Statement

Release Time:2023-09-07Source:Clicks:1109Author:

Recently, Zhenjiang Siemens Busbar Trunking Systems Co., Ltd. received a product carbon footprint verification statement for its Compact XL-Ill Busbar Trunking/ XLC-III 1000A.

The product carbon footprint verification statement is a quantification and verification of greenhouse gas emissions during the whole life cycle of a product, which is regarded as an important indicator to measure the green and low-carbon level of a product. The issuance of this statement proves that the carbon footprint of Zhenjiang Siemens’ Compact XL-Ill Busbar Trunking/ XLC-III 1000A complies with the ISO 14067:2018 international standard. This achievement strongly demonstrates Zhenjiang Siemens’ leading strength and brand reputation in the fields of low-carbon and green manufacturing as well as intelligent production.

Led by the national “dual carbon” strategy, sustainable development and green transformation have become a consensus. As a low-carbon practitioner in the electrical industry, Zhenjiang Siemens will implant the concept of “Green, Low-carbon, Energy saving and Environmental Protection” in the company's development. We aim to implement the dual carbon goals throughout the entire production and operational processes, and work hand in hand with our partners towards a greener and brighter future.