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Daqo Group made a grand appearance in SNEC ES+ Energy Storage Exhibition

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From November 1 to 3, the 8th (2023) International Energy Storage Technology, Equipment and Application Exhibition (SNEC ES+) was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition invited many leaders in the field of energy science and technology, and Daqo Group made a grand appearance with its cutting-edge technologies and latest applications in the field of energy storage, bringing the audience a dazzling journey of technology and innovation.

SNEC ES+ Energy Storage Exhibition covers an exhibition area of more than 70,000 square meters across six halls, bringing together more than 600 brand-name exhibitors from around the world. As a leading manufacturer of electrical, new energy, power electronics and intelligent components, Daqo Group takes innovation as its responsibility and continues to break through technological boundaries to shape the face of future energy. At this year's exhibition, Daqo Group comprehensively demonstrated its many innovations in the fields of energy storage and digitalization, aiming to accelerate the diversified development of energy storage technology through safe, reliable, highly efficient, intelligent, green and low-carbon products as well as power supply and distribution system solutions.

Digital Manufacturing Boosts Industrial Upgrading

This year's exhibition was the first public appearance of Daqo's energy storage products. Daqo highlighted flywheel energy storage devices, string converter devices, box-type energy storage converters, digital ring network cabinets, digital air cabinets, intelligent MV switches, new energy-efficient digital transformers, digital LV bus ducts, MODAN6000 digital LV cabinets, DQM smart cloud cabinets, intelligent LV components, cable trays, and electric power monitoring systems.

The digital power supply and distribution system for the energy storage industry upgrades the mechanical structure, operating mechanism, arc-firing, seismic resistance, energy saving and other aspects of traditional electrical equipment and components, ensuring that the primary equipment has better performance and meets higher standards.

Daqo Group's booth is located in Hall E1, No. 320, and adopts "Daqo Orange" as the theme color. Many intelligent power transmission and distribution products and solutions are displayed through multimedia interactive equipment, which attracts many exhibitors and customers to stop by to watch and exchange ideas.

Providing Reliable Power to Net Energy

The "14th Five-Year Plan for Modern Energy System" points out that the diversified and iterative evolution of the energy system is booming, and new energy storage and hydrogen energy are expected to develop on a large scale and lead to a fundamental change in the shape of the energy system, which puts forward the requirement of accelerating the technological breakthroughs of the new electric power system. In recent years, Daqo Group has strengthened the research and development of cutting-edge technologies for energy storage and hydrogen energy, and has been working with its customers to realize a green and sustainable future.

Daqo has accumulated more than ten years of research in the field of flywheel, and has mastered the core technologies in the field of flywheel, such as low-loss and large-carrying maglev bearing control, low-harmonic and high-efficiency pulsed bi-directional power converter design and control, and large-capacity and high-reliability flywheel integration technology, etc. The energy levels of the flywheel products developed range from a few megajoules to hundreds of megajoules, and the power levels range from dozens of kilowatts to several megawatts, and the products are equipped with complete independent intellectual property rights. More than ten flywheel-related patents. The high power density, high reliability, long life and environmentally friendly energy storage technology will inject strong power into the new power system, and at the same time create good economic benefits for customers.

Energy storage converters (ESCs) play an important role in power systems to ensure the smooth operation of energy storage and distribution. String-type energy storage converter device adopts modular design, with multi-branch characteristics, built-in frequency isolation variable isolation, can realize the AC/DC conversion between the power grid and the battery, complete the two-way energy flow between the two, it is the main actuator and core components of the energy storage system; the product can be paired with a variety of types of batteries, to meet the commercial and industrial storage, microgrids, and other different application scenarios, to meet the needs of customers to meet the demand for customization.

As an innovative enterprise with independent research and development as its core competitiveness, Daqo Group will firmly adhere to the strategy of "innovation-driven, high-quality development", focus on tackling core technological problems, and continue to search for more efficient and sustainable solutions, in order to create a cleaner, more efficient, and more sustainable energy future.