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Daqo Group held a monthly working meeting in November

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On the morning of November 6, the Group held a monthly working meeting in November, which was attended by the leaders of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Group, and the general managers of all departments and manufacturing companies of the Group.

At the meeting, Vice President Shi Dafeng reported on the completion of the main indicators from January to October, and put forward specific requirements for the work arrangement at the end of 2023. Li Chaoqun, general manager of Zhenjiang Daqo Power Transformer Co., Ltd. made a report on the preparation and construction of digital intelligent factory. Chairman and president made important work instructions.

From January to October, the overall economic operation of the group continued to maintain the momentum of high-speed growth, with the three major economic indicators of orders, sales, and profits completing the annual tasks two months ahead of schedule. The three indicators all increased by over 37% compared to the same period last year.

President Xu Xiang pointed out that the industry market competition is fierce, we should accurately grasp the market changes, seize the market opportunities of photovoltaic, wind power, new energy, energy storage, big data center, etc., fully leverage our overall advantages, and strive for more orders; we should attach great importance to the work of payment recovery, and take legal measures in time for the risky payment; we should effectively enhance cost awareness, and reduce the cost and increase the efficiency through digitization and technological innovation; we should promote the digitization in a realistic way; we should continue to deepen the intellectual reform and digital transfer transformation; we should do a good job in the work plan for 2024, scientifically plan the production capacity, and optimize the configuration of production equipment and production lines.

The chairman of the board fully affirmed the performance achieved from January to October, and emphasized that the return of payment is the top priority of the work. It is necessary to understand the current situation, improve our ability to fulfill contracts, handle orders in hand, control costs while ensuring quality, and strictly control risks; we must continue to promote intelligent transformation and digital transformation, maintain industry-leading levels, and steadily build the cornerstone of high-quality development of the enterprise.

Before the meeting, the participants visited Kfine switch intelligent manufacturing plant, and deeply felt the changes brought by intelligent transformation and digital transformation.