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Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce Visits Daqo Group

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As the only provincial private enterprise ideological and political work demonstration unit shortlisted in Zhenjiang City, on November 8th, Daqo Group welcomed the on-site inspection led by the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce.

The team visited Daqo Group's exhibition hall, Zhenjiang Moller Intelligent Manufacturing Factory, and the Party and Worker Station, Party Center and Rongyao House, and listened to the reports on the industrial layout, product research and development, scientific and technological innovation, production and operation, and the ideological and political work of the enterprise, and fully affirmed Daqo's initiative of adhering to the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era, and adhering to the Party building to lead the enterprise's high-quality development.

It is understood that the province's private enterprises ideological and political work demonstration point unit inspection is divided into three groups. At the end of the inspection, the inspection team will score against the "Jiangsu Provincial Private Enterprises Ideological and Political Work Demonstration Points Recognition and Scoring Rules (for Trial Implementation) Version 2023", and then form an inspection report to be reported to the Party Group of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce for study, and then award plaques to the recognized enterprises and focus on publicity.