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Daqo Group Achieved Excellent Results in the Third "Flame Blue" Cup Micro Fire Station Competition in Zhenjiang City

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On November 22, Zhenjiang Fire and Rescue Detachment held the third "Flame Blue" Cup miniature fire station competition.

In this competition, a total of 33 teams of 165 contestants from the city competed on the same stage. The competition set up a total of in situ fire protective clothing, two people five trays of water belt connection, three people hand-held fire extinguishers 100 meters relay fire fighting oil basin fire drill and theoretical exams. The participating teams caught up with each other and fought bravely to be the first, which really made them "show their style on the competition field and show their skills at the critical moment". After a fierce competition, Daqo Group won the third place in the 100-meter relay fighting oil basin fire drill with 4kg dry powder fire extinguishers, and ranked ninth in the total results.


Fire fighting work is related to the safety of people's lives and properties and social stability, and the responsibility is heavier than Mount Taishan. Daqo Group has always attached great importance to fire safety and seriously implemented the policy of "prevention first and combining prevention and elimination" while the company is developing rapidly, and has taken fire safety work as a long-term and regular task to be grasped.

Promote training by comparison, promote management by training. The firefighting competition further promoted the communication and learning between micro fire stations and tested the response speed of micro fire stations in case of emergencies. Daqo Group will further mobilize the training enthusiasm of the members of the enterprise micro fire station, improve the physical quality of the members of the micro fire station, enhance the self-rescue and fire-fighting and rescue capabilities, and improve the overall business level of the enterprise micro fire station.