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Warm tips: in rainy and snowy weather, add clothes to keep warm and travel safely

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According to the upgraded yellow blizzard warning signal issued by the Zhenjiang Meteorological Observatory at 15:40 on December 18, 2023: most parts of the city has appeared more than 6 mm of snowfall, accompanied by obvious snow accumulation. It is expected that the snowfall will continue from this evening to the night.

According to the latest meteorological data analysis, our city has recently entered low-temperature rain, snow and freezing weather. In the next week, the temperature in our city will continue to be low, with the lowest temperature remaining below 0 degrees Celsius. At the same time, there will be obvious rain and snow weather, with some freezing or severe freezing.

The sudden drop in temperature, mixed with wind and snow, and harsh weather bring great inconvenience to life. We here to remind our employees to wear warm clothes to prevent catching a cold, pay attention to weather and road information in a timely manner, and pay attention to personal and traffic safety during commuting. In addition, all departments and companies of the group should prepare for extreme weather by preventing cold and freezing, to ensure the safe operation of the company.