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Daqo Group Held 2024 New Year Marketing Work Conference

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On the afternoon of January 9, Daqo Group grandly held the 2024 New Year Marketing Work Conference to commend the outstanding teams and individuals on the marketing front in 2023, and deploy and plan the main work for 2024.

The meeting was held in the form of on-site meeting + video conference. Leaders of the Group's Board of Directors and Executive Committee, general managers of the Group's departments, general managers, deputy general managers and department heads of the marketing company, general managers, sales managers, payment managers and financial managers of the manufacturing companies, sales and marketing personnel stationed outside, representatives of the excellent account managers and representatives of the outstanding salespersons of the year 2023 participated in the on-site meeting, while the rest of the salespersons stationed outside attended the meeting by video in the branch venues of the respective sales companies.

At the meeting, Chairman Xu Guangfu fully affirmed the achievements of marketing work in 2023. He pointed out that in 2023, against the backdrop of the complex and volatile global economy, Daqo Group's main economic indicators hit the best level in history again, which is inseparable from the Group's adherence to Xi Jinping's Thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era as a guide, adherence to innovation-driven high-quality development, continued to push forward the digital manufacturing, and further improve the enterprise operation mechanism, as well as the hard work of all the employees. He emphasized that in 2024, we should deeply understand the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech that "we should unswervingly strengthen and optimize the manufacturing industry and the real economy" and "we should accelerate the construction of a manufacturing power". We will actively respond to the important strategic plan of the CPC Central Committee on new industrialization, renew traditional industries, expand new industries, cultivate future industries, and seize the commanding heights of the industrial chain and value chain; we should firmly believe that we can ensure our long-term and stable development through continuous technological innovation and digital transformation and upgrading, and make a new and greater contribution to the modernization of the country!

Zhu Yawei, Vice President, made a "Report on Marketing Work in 2023", summarizing the achievements of the marketing work in 2023, analyzing the existing problems, and deploying the marketing work in 2024. He emphasized the need to continue to deepen digital management and boost the Group's high-quality development with high-quality marketing.

In 2023, through the joint efforts of all sales staff, the Group's orders reached a new high. Ge Fei, the executive president of the Group, read the Decision on Recognizing and Rewarding Sales Teams and Individuals with Outstanding Performance in 2023 on the spot. At the meeting site, the Group's leaders presented awards to the representatives of the winning sales teams and individuals.


Xu Chao, General Manager of Nanjing Daqo Electric, Li Ya, General Manager of Changjiang Electric AIS, Sun Hongjun, General Manager of Sichuan Sales Company, Hu Zhengde, Anhui Regional Manager of Zhenjiang Moeller, and Li Yongjie, Customer Manager of Guangzhou Sales Company, made representative speeches to share their work experiences of company management and team sales.

Finally, Group President Xu Xiang made a comprehensive summary of Group’s work in 2023 and put forward requirements for the work in 2024. He said that in 2023, Daqo Group created the best results in history, and all economic indicators far exceeded the plan set at the beginning of the year; digital transformation, Digital Daqo has become a benchmark in the industry. He pointed out that sales is the top priority in all the work. 2024 should further strengthen the market work; do not let go of any market information and business opportunities; enhance the brand confidence, give full play to Daqo Group's platform advantages and comprehensive strength, and further expand the competitive advantage; dare to invest and take risks, and maintain a passionate sales state; work as a team and cooperate with each other; establish a long-term mechanism for cultivating sales teams and create a high-quality and professional sales team; to constantly improve their own quality, strengthen learning, and cultivate a professional, innovative sales team. We must uphold the bottom line of integrity, zero tolerance for loyalty issues. At the same time, we should do a good job of sales support, strictly control the quality of the contract, pay steady attention to the return of payment, to prevent business risks, continue to increase the development and application of new products and new technologies, and emphasize the importance of safe production, green manufacturing, and good product quality and other work.

The meeting was presided over by Cai Bin, Vice President of the Group. He called on the participants to carry out the spirit of this meeting to their companies and departments, and to reach all front-line sales staff, to fully implement the important instructions of the chairman and president of the work of the year 2024, and to position the future with new goals, to plan the work with new ideas, to consolidate the "digital marketing" achievements, to fully promote team sales, and to make unremitting efforts for the high-quality development of Daqo Group to move to a new stage!