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Nanjing Daqo Electric was awarded "Best Employer in Nanjing" for two consecutive years

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Recently, the 2023 Best China Employer of the Year Award Ceremony for the Yangtze River Delta Region was held in Wuxi, where the list of the top 30 employers of the year for Nanjing was unveiled. With its excellent employer image, Nanjing Daqo Electric once again made the list and was honored as the Best Employer in Nanjing. This is the second time for Nanjing Daqo Electric to win the honor after it was listed among the top 30 employers in Nanjing in 2022.

The China Annual Best Employer Award has been successfully held for nineteen years now, and is a highly influential award activity in the industry, aiming to conduct a comprehensive and objective evaluation of the current employer brand status of enterprises by means of a scientific and professional evaluation system. In this selection, Nanjing Daqo Electric stood out from more than 100,000 participating enterprises, which fully reflects that Nanjing Daqo Electric's remarkable performance in employer culture, compensation and benefits, growth and development, and organizational system is widely recognized by the society.

During its 16 years of rapid development, Daqo Electric has always adhered to the people-oriented approach and shaped a sustainable development culture. By optimizing the salary mechanism, perfecting the training system, increasing life care and other initiatives, the company creates a good growth space for its employees at multiple levels, and in the practice of subtlety, it continuously improves the sense of belonging, achievement and happiness of its employees, effectively promoting the synergistic development of the company and its employees.

In the future, Nanjing Daqo Electric will take this opportunity to continue to build healthy and harmonious labor relations and provide inclusive and fair development opportunities for all kinds of talents. In the benign interaction between the employees and the enterprise in both directions and common achievements, a constant stream of new power will be formed, providing strong support for the sustained and rapid development of the enterprise.