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The 2023 Cooperation Summary Meeting between USTC and Daqo Group Held Successfully

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On the morning of January 25, the 2023 Cooperation Summary Meeting between Daqo Group and University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) was held in Daqo Group to summarize the work of "USTC-Daqo Group Dual-Carbon Intelligence Joint Laboratory" in 2023, and to plan and discuss the work in 2024.

Mr. Xu Guangfu, Chairman of Daqo Group, Mr. Xu Xiang, President of Daqo Group, Mr. Ge Fei, Executive President of Daqo Group, all the members of the Executive Committee, general managers of each manufacturing company, general managers of the Group's Information Department and Technology Department, Mr. Bao Xinhe, President of University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Mr. Li Xiangyang, Executive Director of the Department of Information and Intelligence, Mr. Kong Li, Mr. Ji Hengxing, Vice President of the Institute of Carbon Neutral Research, Mr. Yang Shangfeng, Vice President of the College of Chemistry and Materials and other leaders and experts and professors of the related fields attended the meeting. The conference was hosted by Ge Fei, Executive President of Daqo Group.

At the meeting, the research team of University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) introduced the progress of scientific research work and achievements made by the two sides in the past one year of cooperation; Zhang Bulin, Chief Engineer of Daqo Group, introduced the transformation, landing and industrialization of scientific research achievements of USTC's research team in Daqo Group.

On behalf of Daqo Group, Mr. Xu Xiang, President of Daqo Group, warmly welcomed the visit of the scientific research team of the USTC led by President Mr. Bao Xinhe, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the professors who have been working hard for the research and development work for one year, and to all the leaders and staff of Carbon Neutral Research Institute, who have been doing a great deal of work for the Dual-Carbon Intelligence Joint Laboratory!

Chairman Xu Guangfu spoke highly of the work of the scientific research teams of USTC, believing that the cooperation with USTC has brought world-leading new technologies, ideas and concepts to Daqo, which is of great and far-reaching significance to the development of the Group's existing industries and its future industrial layout.

On behalf of USTC and Carbon Neutral Research Institute, President Mr. Bao Xinhe expressed his gratitude to Daqo Group for its full support and was pleased with the achievements made by the research team of USTC. In the past one year of cooperation, Daqo Group has fully cooperated with the research teams, and has worked hard and achieved good results in the transformation of scientific research results. President Bao hoped that the research teams would make persistent efforts and work hard to put the scientific research into practice and realize the results, so as to increase the efficiency for the enterprise and win honor for the university.
The cooperation between Daqo Group and USTC is of great significance to the development of Daqo Group and its future industrial layout. Both sides will continue to deepen and expand the cooperation, and in line with the principle of "working hand in hand, complementing each other for win-win", each side will give full play to its own strengths and jointly promote the transformation of science and technology into industry, so as to contribute to the “wisdom of USTC” and “power of Daqo” for the country's realization of the goal of "dual-carbon".


Before the meeting, President Bao Xinhe of USTC and his entourage watched the company's promotional video, visited the group's showroom, and had in-depth exchanges and discussions with Chairman Xu Guangfu, President Xu Xiang, and other leaders on industrial development, product research and development, and scientific and technological innovation.