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Daqo High Voltage Switchgear Held 2023 Sales Work Summary Meeting

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Recently, Jiangsu Daqo High Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd. held a 2023 sales work summary meeting, which was attended by the general manager, heads of the Planning Department, the Technical Department and the Financial Department, the sales director, the industry manager and the regional managers.

The meeting propagated the spirit of the Group's 2024 New Year Marketing Work Conference, summarized and analyzed the company's sales performance in 2023, formulated the work objectives and planned measures for 2024, and emphasized that regional sales staff should adhere to the problem orientation, focus on the market development trend, seize the opportunity, base on a new starting point, and strive for a new journey, to ensure that the sales work in 2024 will achieve new results.

At the meeting, the regional managers reported on the sales work of each region one by one, and sorted out and analyzed the existing problems; the representative of excellent account manager made a speech to share the sales experience; the sales director made a summary report on the sales work in 2023, and put forward the work plan and specific measures in 2024; finally, the general manager made a concluding speech, and made it clear that the company would focus on the sales work in 2024 and its goals.

Before and after the meeting, the company organized two training sessions on the theme of "Business Reception and Banquet Etiquette, One Stop Sales", aimed at stimulating the sales staff on the importance of business etiquette and norms, and comprehensively improve the level of service and business capacity of sales staff, and showcase the company's image with a more professional posture, better style, and more enthusiasm, enhancing the company's cultural "soft power".

The opening is about the overall situation, and the starting point determines the future. 2024 sales work has been in full swing, and the sales team of Daqo High Voltage will go all out to build a high-quality sales team, meet new challenges with a brand-new outlook, and comprehensively promote the company's high-quality development to a new level.