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Mr. Wang Wanjun, Deputy Director of Jiangsu Provincial Data Bureau, Visited Daqo Group for Research

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On January 31, Wang Wanjun, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Jiangsu Provincial Data Bureau, and his delegation went to Daqo Group to investigate the development situation of "digital fusion", and were received by Ge Fei, executive president of Daqo Group, and Xu Hui, director of Daqo Group Information Center.


In the exhibition hall of Daqo Group, Ge Fei, CEO of Daqo Group, introduced to Wang Wanjun and his delegation the development planning, industrial layout, technology research and development, scientific and technological innovation, digital management, green manufacturing, etc., and reported the completion of various economic indicators of Daqo Group in 2023. In Zhenjiang Moeller Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Plant, Mr. Wang Wanjun and his delegation looked at the equipment, asked about the technology, listened to the staff's report on the production and operation of the enterprise after the implementation of "Intelligent Reform and Digital Conversion", and observed the enterprise's "Digital Twin" visualized operation management system.

Deputy Director Wang Wanjun highly praised Daqo Group's significant contribution to local economic development and fully affirmed Daqo Group's enterprise innovation ability and management software technology innovation ability. He hopes that Daqo will continue to integrate digital technology into the real economy, continue to release the amplifying, superimposing and multiplying effects on economic development, and make more contributions to the construction of a strong, rich, beautiful and high-tech Jiangsu.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, "Promote the deep integration of digital technology and the real economy, empower the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, give rise to new industries and new business models, and continuously strengthen, optimize and enlarge China's digital economy." In the new era and new journey, Daqo Group will deeply study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on the development of digital economy, grasp the new round of scientific and technological revolution and new opportunities of industrial change, promote the deep integration of digital economy and the real economy, and better assist the high-quality development of the economy with high-quality development of enterprises.