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Warmth in March - ZKM Held a Flower Salon Event

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In March, everything is renewed. In order to celebrate the upcoming "March 8" International Working Women's Day, Zhenjiang Klockner-Moeller Electric Co., Ltd. held a floral salon activity with the theme of "Flowering Wonderful" in the morning of March 7th.

Representatives of female workers from various departments of the company gathered together in the flowery conference room ushered in a beautiful encounter with flowers. Through the florist's simple explanation of flowers, modeling and flower arrangement demonstration, everyone chose their favorite flowers to experience the flower arrangement skills, give full play to their personal creativity, and conceptualize and make flower arrangements with their hearts. At the end of the activity, everyone took photos with their own works in their hands.

Flower life, flower splendor. This activity not only enhances everyone's sense of beauty, but also allows female workers to relax in the busy work of the body and mind, our company hopes that every female worker can hold on to the desire for a better life, and continue to blossom beautifully and brilliantly in the future work.