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Happy March 8th! Daqo Group Launched Colorful Women's Activities

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Spring is full of vitality, shining brightly. 

On March 8, the International Working Women's Day, an exclusive festival for women, Daqo Group and all manufacturing companies carried out colorful and diversified activities to send warm wishes to female workers, give warm gifts, give half-day leave to female workers, distribute 100 RMB benefits, and organize group movie watching, etc. to encourage female workers to make new achievements in their respective positions and blossom in the times.


Female workers contribute an indispensable power to the high-quality development of the enterprise with responsibility and dedication, and perform their own unique splendor in ordinary positions. In this special festival, Daqo also returns them with love and care. We hope that the majority of female workers will continue to promote women's aspirations, take up women's role, dedicate women's strength, and show women's beauty in their future work, and anchor new goals in the new journey to better play the role of "Half the Sky"!